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Who we are:


We are Domestic Workers (Nannies, House Cleaners & Care Givers) and Street Corner Day Laborers, in 2016 we came together and founded the The Domestic Worker & Day Laborer Center of Chicago (DWDL Center). 

DWDL Center is a worker member sustained and operated organization with an internal collective decision making structure. Some areas of work include Labor Rights and Wage theft recovery, Workforce Development, Economic Development, Co-operative Business Development, Community Job creation and Immigration Rights. 

In order to improve social, economic and labor conditions for workers in our industries, we feel that it is up to us to collectivelly organize and unite. It is important to collaborate with all stakeholders in order to pin point the root cause of injustice and develop the means to make a positive change. 

We are located in the heart of Albany Park, and we provide a safe space for all Human Beings! 



Domestic Workers and Day Laborers unite to collaborate to collectively develop the tools necessary to improve social, economic and labor conditions.


 Board of Directors

Armando mena (Day Laborer, President)

Maria Garcia (Domestic Worker, Vice President)

Maria Esther Bolanos (Domestic worker, Treasurer)

Aurelia Aguilar (Domestic Worker, Secretary)

Esmeralda Pavon (Domestic Worker)

Alejandro Serrano (Day Laborer)

Arturo Nieto (Day Laborer)

Executive Director

Eric M. Rodriguez

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